4 important factors to have a google optimized website

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May 22, 2015
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optimized web site

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You own a business and you want to have a website optimized for search engines ?


Inainte de a bate palma cu o web design firm ar fi bine sa stiti cateva lucruri foarte importante despre viitorul proiect care pot face diferenta clara intre un web site de succes, un web site care va poate aduce cat mai multi clienti direct orientati catre afacerea dumneavoastra si un web site pe care nu il va accesa nimeni, probabil va fi gasit undeva pe ultimele pozitii in google, bing sau alte motoare de cautare.

Iata care sunt cei mai importanti 4 factori pe care trebuie sa ii stiti pentru un web site optimizat corect:

1: Sanatatea site-ului dumneavoastra. What this means ? Un web site sanatos este unul care are un cod foarte bine si foarte corect scris. You can easily detect code errors with the best known validator for this: Validator.W3.org . This tool can check the document written in the language: HTML, XHTML, SMILE, MathML. It can give you information about images without the ALT tag , broken or incorrect links, or any other item that is not spelled correctly. The tool also offers suggestions on how to fix problems.

Another important aspect here is CSS ( Cascade Style Sheets ). This web document contains information about the design of the site, and is called by all other web pages. You can check the health of these documents at the following address: CSS Validator . Try to have a code as clean as possible and without too many errors because it is a very important factor in search engine indexing because google is bypassing more and more sites ” unhealthy” or that have malware code in the source.

2: The site must be Responsive design. What this means ? A web page that adapts perfectly to any mobile platform that uses iOS or Android, such as tablets, or smartphones.

Google introduced this indexing factor in April 2015 in indexing algorithms, because more and more internet accesses are made for tablets or smartphones. When you have the site ready, you can test it with the following tool: Mobile-Friendly Test

Este adevarat ca nici mie personal nu imi place sa intru pe anumite site-uri si sa fiu obligat sa dau zoom cat mai mult pentru a citi o informatie relevanta.

3: Viteza de incarcare trebuie sa fie cat mai mica. What does this thing mean, Vizitatori nu asteapta mai mult de 3-5 secunde la incarcarea unui site, la fel si motoarele de cautare. Daca un site se incarca mai greu , acesta va fi penalizat si va pierde foarte multi vizitatori. puteti testa viteza de incarcare la pagina urmatoare:

Page speed tools

Daca aveti un scor mai mare de 70% inseamna ca site-ul se misca bine si nu mai aveti nevoie de prea multe optimizari. Incercati sa urmariti fiecare eroare care vi se afiseaza si sa le tratati cu cat mai multa atentie pentru a va creste scorul. It is ideal to have a site that renders information to visitors as quickly as possible and is as intuitive as possible.

4: A well optimized website, it means content 100% original. One of the most important things to keep in mind, is copying content from other pages. Any search engine will know clearly if what it found on your site is copied and even if you changed the context a little you will be penalized immediately.

Do your best to have content 100% original. If you still get inspiration from another site, add a link, with reference to the source from where you copied the content.

Also try to make the images as original and optimized as possible. If you take pictures from other pages, write the source of the images.

To check for content if it still exists in the online environment, or if you want to check if someone stole your idea, use the following tool: CopyScape.com


About these are the most important factors to own one optimized web site as good as possible for any search engine. If you have any other questions or did not understand very well what I wanted to say, do not hesitate to me contact . I am at your disposal with the greatest pleasure.

optimized web site

optimized web site

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