AdWords Campaign, The most effective method of promotion

AdWords Campaign- what does it mean?

Services provided by google AdWords is the most effective method of online cleaning, because it brings targeted visitors from google directly to your site so you can promote the products or services you offer. SC ADAD Company 365 SRL, in addition to services Create a professional website, SEO optimization, web site maintenance and administration contracts, will also provide AdWords Campaign administration services for good publicity for your services.

How an AdWords Campaign works ?

This is the most common type of online advertising. To better understand what it is about, we will take an example of searches. You can imagine that you are selling cheap mobile phones. People interested in your products will type the expression in google "cheap mobile phones" and will receive dozens of results. Most certainly you want to appear in the first 2-3 results to be found as well as possible but this is not possible, at least in the first year after launch. When you call a AdWords Campaign , you must have a budget set for this. So no one will impose any limits and follow the principle "the more you pay, the more you receive". More exactly, Suppose you are willing to invest the amount of 300 RON / month for this campaign and bid 1 RON / click / expression cheap mobile phones. When they will give 300 of clicks, your budget will run out and the campaign will stop automatically. Of course, you can resume the campaign immediately when you replenish your account with another amount of money. As long as the campaign is active, your site will be present in the section "sponsored links".     This was a simple example, but things are more complicated after we go into details. We will take a few details in turn to better understand each element that contributes to an effective campaign:
  • Keywords. When you need to decide which words to use in your niche use the tool provided by google KeywordPlanner and do not rush to draw conclusions that cannot benefit you.
  • budget / keywords. Depending on the word you choose, if it is very "livid" and others, it is established how eligible it is and it is auctioned around it. More exactly, if you offer 1 RON per expression cheap mobile phones, google will tell you that there are people who offer 3 RON or 4 RON for the same expression and you will have a choice, or bid more, or your ad will appear below the list of ads.
  • Campaign period it can also be established by the administrator following a study. Specifically, you can analyze time intervals on your niche to know what time most visitors are. For example in the evening after class 19, statistics show that it is the highest internet traffic in Romania.
  • Site structure it is very important for a visitor to become a customer, otherwise you will see how all the clicks are exhausted and no one has contacted you. If you want an analysis of the site ( Design, SEO, ) you can analyze our page with services offered.
  • Ad structure and how the user interacts with your service is important for the best possible result.
In principle, when you're thinking about an AdWords Campaign, you need to come up with the right message at the right time. Of course this is what we do.

We optimize the structure of the ads every day

For the best efficiency and better and better results. The idea is to reach a click / customer ratio as high as possible. We currently have clients who have increased their campaign budget 5-6 or, this means that the profit has increased as well. More and more companies use this service, because it is by far the best promotion solution and with the best yield.
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