How much it can cost to create a site

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April 3, 2014
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April 9, 2014
How much it can cost to create a site

How to estimate the price of a web site


This is a difficult question for us, and can have many answers. The price for each project may differ from one client to another depending on its needs and requirements.. The most important factors that can influence the price are the following:

  • Number of pages desired.
  • Number of images and slides you want.
  • The realization time that the client wants ( as fast as you want creating a site ).
  • Number of desired forms ( contact, Offer request, price quotation, etc ).
  • Number of desired functionalities ( site translation, newsletter, exchange, etc.. ).


When creating a site, how to choose the right design ?


Are 2 methods by which you can choose a design that suits your profile and niche

  1. With a template already defined. This is the best choice due to the fact that the market is very wide from this point of view. You can find a professional design for free or for a fee that can satisfy absolutely all your needs. The offers are multiple.
  2. With a custom template. This is a difficult method for both the designer and the client because the changes will probably be multiple and can take much longer. Also, the price can go up when creating a personalized site.

In terms of choice design, I invite you to read more information Here.


If you want a project with us, do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We weigh as many options as possible so that in the end you can make the best choice depending on the budget / needs your.


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