Creating a web page, 3 useful advice

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Creating a web page

Creating a web page

Creating a web page, Here are some tips to keep in mind

More and more people want to learn the secrets of the internet and become as autonomous as possible in creating a website. There are many tutorials on the internet, tips on forums and various possibilities to choose a predefined design to make your work as easy as possible.

If you are at the beginning of a project I present it below 3 Important tips from the fish experience 8 years in the online environment:

1: Choose the best hosting for creating a web page.

First of all you need to have the best possible host and offer you as many facilities as possible. Don't just look at the storage space and the rest of the items that are often much more important:

  • Number of hosted domains.
  • FTP accounts.
  • MySQL accounts.
  • Let the latest versions be the PHP and MySQL packages.
  • You can install CMS software directly from cPanel.
  • Certificate SSL.
  • Email addresses as many as possible.
  • Monthly traffic.
  • CPanel account security.

The list can go on, but we recommend that you analyze the offers as well as possible domain hosting that you find in the online environment. This example may apply if you want to work directly on an online server and do not use localhost.

2: Choose a web structure that is as airy as possible and as easy to read as possible.

When you start to realize the content of a web page, keep in mind that the page should be as airy as possible and useful information should take precedence over the visitor Web page:

  • Use as large fonts as possible for text.
  • Use font-family as visible as possible and that adapts perfectly to the content.
  • Use colors that make a contrast pleasant and easy to read. E.g, black writing on white background is most recommended.
  • Don't load the page with useless items for your visitors.
  • Use as few images as possible but as relevant as possible to avoid cumbersome page loading.
  • Use well-understood and well-structured expressions.

Here's a example article where I tried to highlight only the important elements about what I intended to write. I did not complicate the page with unnecessary design elements.

Generally use pleasant colors that do not make it difficult to read the content.

3: Be as original as possible when creating a web page

Do not copy content from other web pages in any form. This will only bring disadvantages and google will penalize you because google will immediately detect the original and the duplicate. You need to keep in mind that search engines encourage work, not copying !

Try to be as natural as possible in expression, as “yourself” and provide examples for each item added. If you're not good at it “grammatical expression” I recommend that you consult an expert in this field if you want to have one professional website.

I wrote more about the originality of an article: Wordpress website optimization.

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