How to choose a good website hosting service ?

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Website hosting. What does this thing mean ?

For those who are just starting out as a webmaster, and try to find out as much information about this niche as possible, he has certainly heard from everyone in the field, about host and site hosting.

Host is an English term that translates to host or hosting. It is the place where all the files of the created site are located, HTML files, CSS, PHP, Baze de date MySQL, absolutely everything that means running a web site.

A host server for a site can be made very easily at home, on your computer if you benefit from a good internet connection and the programs necessary for the operation of a server.

But for this field there are many companies on the Romanian market that offer these services on some high-performance servers that run on certain types of operating systems. (the most used being Linux and Windows) and certain interpretive languages ​​of the site (PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion sau ASP.NET).

The advantages are much greater to benefit from a professional hosting that offers you an interface from where you can manage all your files., databases, FTP accounts, cron-jobs, CMS scripts and many other essentials.

How to choose the best website hosting package ?

To make this choice indeed, the market is very diversified. To make the best choice you need to know as accurately as possible what you need or consult with the company that will make the site.

I have noticed many people who emphasize the number of Gb allocated to a package or if possible even unlimited. But for a site hosting it is not the most important aspect. Why have an unlimited hosting package and you can host only one web site ? It's like you have a plot of land 50.000 square meters and you have the right to build only one house ! It is much preferable to have a package of 10 Gb where you can host 7-10 areas.

Deexemplu, if you have 2 presentation sites, and use the WordPress platform. A package with a space of 700 M is more than enough for your needs which costs about 55 RON/ an.

From my point of view you have to look at several important factors when choosing one host package such as:

  • Disk space
  • Number of domains hosted
  • Allocated monthly traffic
  • Number of MySQL databases
  • FTP accounts

You need to analyze the company and be sure that you have provided non-stop technical support.

For a professional host and a website hosting on SSD you still need to consider the following aspects:

  • Be sure to back up daily or weekly on the server.
  • Security filters are active in cPanel.
  • It has SEO tools.
  • It has Webmail.
  • Pre-installed scripts available.

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us at: We are at your disposal for any detail.


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