How we work to create a website

For the creation of a website we have 2 variant

First of all we refer only to desing'ul the site and not its functionalities. This is for us the most important aspect when creating a website.

Alternative 1: With an already predefined theme. We can opt for a design already defined depending on your niche of activity. This option can be applied to absolutely any field of activity ( presentation site, online shop, blog, travel agency, etc.. ) and it has many advantages.

  • Very short lead time ( maxim 2-3 days ).
  • Much lower cost. ( example, for a presentation site the price is 350 RON ).
  • Our homework is professional and very good search engine optimized.
  • The design of the pages is very modern respecting the new trends in the field of IT.
  • Very great diversity in terms of choosing themes. We have several hundred templates that can be easily modified to exactly match your needs..

Alternative 2: We customize the theme as the client wants down to the finest details. The customer can come up with a request to customize the design such as the background, button arrangement, the colors used, or any other element that contributes to creating a website. If you want this option you must know from the beginning that this can take much longer and the cost is much higher. ( Ex: For a presentation site, almost customized 100% the price is 1.000 RON ). This option also has advantages such as:

  • The client can have the design exactly as he wants it and as he has always dreamed. That is, if you do not agree with any topic in our database.
  • The design can be worked according to a desired model.

How can we choose the best option ?

That's why we're here, and we come to your aid with constructive suggestions and concrete explanations so that in the end the result will be a satisfactory one for both parties.. We are aware that budget comes first when someone is looking for a company for creating a website.

Opt for any option, we offer you professional web solutions and last minute.

Regarding the operation of the site, Here are the steps we follow in carrying out a project:

  • The choice of domain and a hosting package ( this is in case the client does not possess these elements).
  • Establishing technical details with you.
  • Website creation-on a test subdomain ( if applicable and the client does not yet have a host ).
  • Moving the site to a main domain and link to the database.
  • Testing the functionalities and the administration panel.
  • If appropriate, we will give you a little training regarding the insertion of content in the site ( this is the case with more complex sites ).
  • And at the end we add the project in our portfolio.

For any detail do not hesitate to contact us contact. We are at your disposal with absolutely any explanation.

Creating a professional website
Creating a professional website


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