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Curs Wordpress
WordPress course from the 0 for creating a website
December 15, 2020

Curs HTML, Learn how to build a web page from 0

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A perfect HTML course for those who want to start a career in IT and need a starting point, Our course gives you the opportunity to quickly learn the most popular HTML programming language + CSS.

Which is logical, how it works and how to make a professional web page. We are learning to link several pages so that in the end we have a mini website created by you.

YOU HAVE AVAILABLE 3 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT CURRENTLY and certainly in the future their number will increase!

Find both written and VIDEO lessons to better understand how HTML works

What will you learn ?

  • Knowing HTML is the first and most important step for those who want to build quality web pages.
  • Students will understand how a programming language works
  • Students will learn how several programming languages ​​work together, HTML + CSS
  • Students will be able to create a web page as complex as possible and exploit the content as they wish.
  • Students will be able to differentiate between a Responsive design and one displayed on a computer
  • We will try to learn as much as possible about HTML and CSS so that you want the next level
  • Learning the HTML programming language is a launching pad to a career in IT for those who want to work in this field.

What you need to have ?

  • Have a computer
  • Know how to open a Text Document file on your computer
  • Be open and eager to learn something new
  • Have an internet connection
  • Know how to create a folder

Who is the course for?:

  • For beginners, for the curious or for those who want to manage their site themselves
  • For those who want to advance in the IT field but have no starting point
  • For those who have tried to study online tutorials but have not been able to clearly understand how HTML and CSS work

Lessons available:

Lesson 1: -> Introducere in HTML – Video
Lesson 2: -> Introduction
Lesson 3: -> What is HTML? (Hypertext Markup Language)
Lesson 4: -> HTML document structure
Questionnaire 1: Question about Meta TAGs
Lesson 5: Create and edit HTML pages
Lesson 6: Create and edit HTML pages in Video format
Lesson 7: headlines, paragraphs, A new row, Horizontal line
Lesson 8: Format text in html page
Lesson 9: HTML list – UL, OL

Lesson 10: HTML list – DL, DETAILS, Accordion type lists
Lesson 11: Add images to the page
Lesson 12: Create links
Lesson 13: Create HTML tables
Lesson 14: Stylize HTML tables with CSS
Lesson 15: Working with CSS styles
Lesson 16: DIV and SPAN tags
Lesson 17: Tutorial HTML5
Lesson 18: Color codes
Lesson 19: Iframe and object tags
Lesson 20: Align DIVs on the same line

Section 2: Write CSS code

Lesson 21: CSS presentation
Lesson 22: Write CSS code
Lesson 23: Creare Was by Stil
Lesson 24: Font configuration
Lesson 25: Text configuration
Lesson 26: Configurations for colors and background
Lesson 27: Positioning HTML elements with CSS
Lesson 28: Configurations for visibility and mouse
Lesson 29: Pseudo-clase CSS
Lesson 30: CSS3 – New properties background
Lesson 31: CSS3 – Border new properties
Lesson 32: CSS3 opacity, Transparency
Lesson 33: CSS3 2D Transformations
Lesson 34: CSS3 transition

Section 3: We make a website from 0, using everything I learned during the course

Lesson 35: Creating web pages and adding certain elements
Lesson 36: Creating a personal website. Step 1
Lesson 37: Creating a personal website. Step 2
Lesson 38: Creating a personal website. Step 3
Lesson 39: Creating a personal website. Video

If you want, you can buy WordPress course also on the uDemy platform

This platform is one of the largest and best known online platforms.

Why do I say this ?

Lately I have been looking for several platforms of this kind where you can monetize the knowledge gained and experiences in recent years in a particular field..

The uDemy platform is simple to use as well 100% secure. I highly recommend for those who want an HTML Course or another desired course.

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1 review for Curs HTML, Learn how to build a web page from 0

  1. admin

    A very good course for beginners and for those who want to learn a programming language.

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