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December 11, 2020

WordPress course from the 0 for creating a website


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An important step for you if you want to learn how to make a presentation website or a blog using the WordPress platform. If you got here it means that you have already heard about this platform and you know how popular it is in the online environment. I invite you to participate in this course and you will have access to many resources and explanations so that in the end you will be able to understand how this platform works.!


Lesson 1: Introduction, Despre WordPress

Lesson 2: How to install the wordpresss platform directly on the computer
Lesson 3: How to acquire a domain + a hosting package
Lesson 4: How to install a WordPress platform directly from the cPanel hosting panel
Lesson 5: How to install a new theme on the WordPress platform
Lesson 6: How to install a module ( plugin ) on the WordPress platform
Lesson 7: How to customize the interface of the site made with WordPress
Lesson 8: How to add a new article and how to manage it on a WordPress platform
Lesson 9: What SEO means and how it can help us to optimize our site?
Lesson 10: How to install an SEO module and how we can use it
Lesson 11: How to add an article with a high SEO score
Lesson 12: How to optimize images for better SEO results
Lesson 13: How to make a photo gallery
Lesson 14: How to add buttons to social channels
Lesson 15: How to add a contact form
Lesson 16: How to add a google map on the contact page
Lesson 17: How to secure a website created with WordPress
Lesson 18: How to export / import the content of a web site created with wordpress
Lesson 19: How to keep WordPress modules and themes up to date
Lesson 20: How to create a Multi languages ​​website with WordPress
Lesson 21: How to use Visual Composer Website Builder

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