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WordPress course from the 0 for creating a website
December 15, 2020

Curs WordPress, Learn WordPress from 0 for creating a website


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WordPress course for beginners

If you want to learn how to build a website with the help of the platform WORDPRESS, this course helps you step by step. We have structured in the most relevant lessons everything you need to know to create a presentation website or blog.

6 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT for a quality wordpress course

The lessons help you learn how to work with wordpress both on your computer and with a domain and a purchased hosting package.

To each lesson we have added a TABLE OF CONTENTS to help you find information faster.


A lesson where you can see how install WordPress directly on your computer, without having to buy a domain or a hosting package. Everything is free, In this section, everything you can learn does not require any financial investment.

  • 00:27Download Localwp
  • 01:14Create a new website on localwp
  • 04:08Change the language in the WordPress admin panel
  • 04:40Explanation for each tab in the administration panel


How to add an article on the WordPress platform, How to manage categories and tags from a WordPress article

  • 00:16How to add an article
  • 04:56Install the mode “Classic Editor”
  • 06:24See each item that means in the article editing panel


In this lesson Learn how to use wordpress, Basic WordPress settings

  • 00:17Setari
  • 02:40Setari – Writing
  • 04:02Setari – Display
  • 06:14Setari – Discussions
  • 07:12Setari – Permanent ties
  • 10:35Tools


How to install and configure a free wordpress theme. How to customize a wordpress theme after installing it.

  • 01:35WordPress file structure
  • 02:33Add a new WordPress theme
  • 05:33Customize the theme


How to install a module or a new functionality on wordpress. Example, module installation “Contact form 7” and the module “Elementor”.

  • 00:51Install a WordPress module ( Contact form 7 )
  • 04:25Install a WordPress module ( Elementor )


How to add a new page and how to edit with elements. How to create a simple page and a contact page.

  • 05:13Add a menu
  • 08:00Create the HOME page


See how to install RankMath and how to manage a wordpress article. How to add an article and what the RankMath module helps us with

  • 00:54Permanent binding
  • 06:31Instarale RankMath


How to add a slideshow on a WordPress page using the MetaSlider module using Elementor or the theme functionality already installed and activated. How to create and display a slideshow on the page.

  • 00:20Add a photo gallery with the theme option from “Personalization”.
  • 02:56Add a photo gallery ( slideshow ) with the MetaSlider module
  • 07:35Insert shortcode into the slideshow view page
  • 13:30Add a carousel of images using ELEMENTOR


How to configure the contact form “Contact form 7” de la WordPress. How to create a forum field and how to customize the form.

  • 01:00Add a new contact form
  • 01:49Add shortcode to contact page
  • 02:38Edit the template, camp cu camp
  • 08:36Add field for media files
  • 09:13Manage “Correspondence”
  • 12:37Add media file to “Correspondence”
  • 14:55Manage messages from the Contact form 7


Whether it's a photo, an infographic or an illustration, adding images to your site. it is a powerful way to improve the reader's experience. Our brain processes the effects of images much faster than text, hence the expression "an image is worth a thousand words.".

  • 01:20Add a picture
  • 02:24Find a good source for images
  • 03:48Use keywords in the image file name
  • 04:22Optimize the text of your photo
  • 04:36Correct use of the image caption
  • 05:06Use the file type correctly
  • 05:45Reduce the file size
  • 06:14Create a Sitemap with images


O lectie WordPress which will teach you how to add an article with a high SEO score using the RankMath module, what you need to look for and what are the most important factors for the best possible indexing.

  • 00:51Content structure
  • 02:06Add keyword
  • 02:31​ Titlu SEO
  • 03:18Article link
  • 03:36Description
  • 05:50Add a picture
  • 08:07Keyword density
  • 13:50Add a video to the article
  • 17:13Create page content or caption, in mod manual ( still HTML )
  • 20:49Add the page or article with the Easy Table Content module


Often , for the simplest functionality, the vast majority install a wordpress module. In this lesson I want to show you how to add links to social channels without the need to install a module.

  • 00:44How to use AddThis
  • 06:15Add the AddThis code to the website


In this lesson I want to show you some ways to turn your WordPress website into a MultiLanguages ​​website.. As it is understood, a multilingual website.

  • 00:57Install gTranslate mode
  • 01:51Set the gTranslate mode
  • 07:30Install Transposh mode
  • 08:11Set the Transposh mode


Learn here how to add a Newsletter module in WordPress, installation and configuration to keep trackers informed on your blog.

You can set to automatically send messages with news from your blog once a week at a predetermined time.

  • 00:25Install the MailPoet2 module
  • 02:05Create a new newsletter
  • 08:41Manage subscribers
  • 11:05Add a form


An interesting lesson on how to add a whatsApp button if you have a website created with WordPress.

  • 00:35 Install the what app button mode
  • 01:25 Configure WhatsApp button


In many cases, after installing a premium module or theme, certain notifications appear urging you to switch to a Pro version or recommend installing a certain service. In most cases they may be useless and confuse you more when you want to work in the admin panel..

  • 00:50 Install the mode for “Disable Notification”
  • 02:32 How to update the installed modules in the administration panel



If you are at the beginning of the road and want to buy a domain and a hosting package. In this video you see step by step how to do it . Everything that means a field, what a hosting package means and how you can change DNS if you want to change web hosting.

  • 01:53How to check a domain
  • 03:12How to buy a hosting package
  • 06:17What is a DNS
  • 07:32How to change the DNS of a domain
  • 09:50How to enter cPanel


A useful lesson on how to install a WordPress platform directly from your cPanel account, after purchasing a hosting package and a domain.

  • 00:29 Install wordpree from your cPanel account
  • 05:07 Tip on choosing a host
  • 06:18 Other information about cPanel – Manager de fisiere WordPress
  • 10:15 Other information about cPanel – Disk usage
  • 11:49 Install useful modules


If you have a domain and a hosting package you can create unlimited email addresses with the name of the site like

  • 00:30Create an email address
  • 03:26How to certify the e-mail address in the browser directly
  • 04:46How to create an email redirect


A short tutorial for those who want to see how WordPress works. Where the wordpress files are located and where the MySQL database information is.

  • 01:06View WordPress files
  • 01:20See the database name in the wp-config file
  • 02:00Enter PHP MyAdmin to see a database
  • 03:45How to create a new database in cPanel
  • 05:30How to change the PHP version of the cPanel account


A short lesson on how to manage your cPanel hosting space. How to see the directories that take up the most space and why !

  • 00:29Disk usage
  • 02:37Create FTP account
  • 04:28See CpCleaner function


If you made a mistake and want to recover your site files as they were before see this tutorial.

  • 01:43​ Back up fisiere
  • 03:40​ Back up baza de date
  • 05:34Tips on choosing the hosting package regarding the Back up function


Besides the main domain of a hosting account, most offer the ability to add multiple domains. It is a good thing, as I told you at the beginning, it is important to be able to add more domains and make the most of the hosting space..

  • 00:28Add a new domain
  • 01:32Add a subdomain

How to create a website from 0

Creating a website from 0 using a PREMIUM theme purchased to do this lesson. Quite interesting and can simplify your work quite a bit! You will see how a website can be made to the maximum 2 ore.

  • 01:27Install a premium theme
  • 02:54Choose a layout
  • 04:35Install the necessary modules
  • 07:51BeTheme theme options
  • 14:01Customize the Home page
  • 25:06Locate theme files in Publi_HTML ( in the cPanel account )
  • 26:17Create Logo
  • 29:45Add Logo from theme options
  • 32:09Edit contact page
  • 39:27Create blog page
  • 46:26Add a new page to the menu
  • 47:26Edit the footer part ( bottom ) with the help “parts” wordpress
  • 51:19Create a map on the contact page
  • 57:44How to make a photo gallery with MuffinBuilder
  • 01:02:40How to manage the part of “subheader”

You may also be interested in an HTML course

From experience I know that at some point you will want to take this step and it is good to have a few lessons to help you how to do this..

There are a lot of advantages to choosing this platform, especially given that a number of approx 40% among the websites use such a platform worldwide. Its advantages are primarily the flexibility and the fact that it is very easy to use.

1: Support and maintenance

Given that this platform is the most popular, there are many programmers, but also users who can fix it in no time. This platform therefore has a very well developed support, it is also easy to obtain. The cost for modifications or maintenance of such a site are very low.

2: Pluginurile diverse

The various plugins are a plus in terms of the experience that Worpdress offers. There is almost 50 thousands of plugins that can be accessed, but also used, the most popular of these having so many hundreds of thousands, as well as millions of installations. There is a very rich market here for plugins, that is why it will not be difficult for you to choose the one that suits you best. Extensions are also useful because they help you customize your site the way you want. In this way, you can significantly reduce the cost of building the site.

3: Content and interface

It is very easy to make articles, as well as content on the pages of a WordPress blog. Also, site content management, as well as changes or deletions can be made as soon as possible. Any user understands how to use this platform, WordPress being the best platform in many ways. Another advantage of it is that Worpdress manages to index in Google very easily.

What is the biggest WordPress advantage for me?

A well-structured WordPress course

This course can be purchased from the largest Learning platform uDemy.

Why I prefer to offer a course on this platform ?

  • Payment is made securely
  • The learning mode is dynamic and friendly to students
  • It is updated every month
  • You have LIFE access to any newly added lessons

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it is free. When you start building a project you no longer have to spend money on things like site hosting. You do not have to pay anything to use this CMS. Besides this, you will find dozens or even hundreds of plugins to use, as well as homework, that's why customizing the site will no longer be a problem for you. You will be able to make your site exactly the way you want it.

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