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June 29, 2016
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Web design services



Professional web design services for your business

Our company will be at your disposal with quality services in the field of Web Design and with everything you need for the best possible result in promoting your business.. in the online environment:

  • Domain registration.
  • Web hosting on SSD.
  • Design realization.
  • Maintenance and administration.
  • Search engine promotion.
  • consultant.

Why it is good to use a single Web Design company ?

This option is ideal for a company that wants a business card in the online environment. It is preferable for only one person to develop each web page of the site and know everything about your needs.. I don't think anyone prefers to run in more places for each service. From experience I can say that every time a client called us to do a project already done by someone else we had to redo everything from 0.

Capitalizing on the experience helps us to respond as objectively as possible to all the requirements on the online market and if we have a new requirement we see it as a challenge and we will honor it with the greatest pleasure..

What our web design service package includes

Below you will find some elements that can be included in our package but we are open to any challenge and any wish of yours..

  • Creating modern design and customized using the latest IT technologies.
  • Unlimited pages to be able to add relevant and unconstrained content.
  • Unlimited images for creating as dynamic and professional image galleries as possible. “An image is worth a thousand words”, is a statement that certainly applies in the online environment.
  • Administration panel to be able to manage images as easily as possible, text.
  • consultant for any details in the online field.
  • Contact forms or “Offer request”.
  • Translation integration in several languages.
  • Responsive design so that your site can be accessed from any mobile platform that uses Android or IOS.
  • Items you want.

Lately, we started to put a lot of emphasis on creating sites compatible with mobile platforms because this element is already an important factor in search engine indexing. Text layout and image positioning are also critical to google.

E.g, if you google a specific service, you will see that the first indexed sites will be the ones “mobile friendly” especially if you are interested in a Online shop , you need to know that in the year 2015 over 75% from google searches or performed on tablets or mobile phones.

How much a web site can cost?

The price for web design services leave from 500 RON for a presentation web site but it may vary depending on the requirements. From experience I can tell you that this price can cover all niches of activity. But if you want an online store or a travel agency, the price can reach 1.500 RON.


For any other information do not hesitate to contact me at the number +4 0745 26 42 52 or send a message to

web design services

web design services

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