Creating an online store for children

Advantages Creating an online store for children

The advantages are many:
  • You can manage stocks very easily.
  • You can sell nationally and / or internationally.
  • The store is open NonStop.
  • You don't need a commercial space. I think this is the biggest advantage
  • Maintenance costs are very cheap.
  • You can make yourself known quickly and efficiently.

What an online store for children includes ?

More and more parents are starting to search the internet for various items for their children such as toys, clothes or other useful things. It is also normal if we think that we live in the age of speed and people have become more and more hurried. If you have a children's store selling clothes or toys and you want to move into the virtual world, we provide you with professional services so that you can manage your store very easily.
  • Product management panel, categories, subcategories, image gallery for each product, various attributes.
  • Customized design and adapted for mobile platforms ( Android after iOS ).
  • Create unlimited forms ( Inquiry, page the contact, etc.. ).
  • Possibility to administer banners for advertisements to suppliers.
  • Create the email address with the site name.
  • Convert to multiple payment currencies.
  • Unlimited number of pages.
  • Possibility to pay online or on delivery with various services ( PayPal, Bank transfer, etc.. )
  • The possibility of the customer to choose the delivery service and the automatic calculation of the transport.
  • Possibility to offer customers a shopping voucher.
  • Shopping cart for customers.
  • OnSite optimization of product pages.
  • You can add any other functionality desired by the customer.
Price of Creating an online store for children may differ depending on requirements. But from experience so far I can tell you that the price starts from 1500 RON with absolutely all the necessary functionalities for a potential customer to be satisfied. Creating an online store, may last between 2-4 working days. But during the project I will advise you with everything you need to be able to be optimized for search engines.. We use the most modern technologies in the IT field so that the project is one to be proud of and to add it with pleasure in portfolio our. Do not hesitate to let us contact for more details by e-mail or telephone.
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