Realization of a professional Web site for car ads

If you are an Auto dealer and you need making web site car ads to represent you 100% activity, this is the perfect place.

What you need for making web site car ads .

  • Control panel. Very important to manage your Auto ads.
  • Different fields can be made, for different Auto models
  • You can add and manage all Auto categories and brands.
  • Unlimited number of pages and images.
  • Unlimited number of forms ( Contact form, offer request form, etc.. )
  • Each page is optimized for all search engines automatically.
  • Displaying and managing special offers on the site.
  • Unique logo.
  • Newsletter application for what they want to know news from you.
  • Email address with your site. example:
  • Translate the site into as many languages ​​as you want. Recommended especially if the company exports a car abroad.
  • Dealer company presentation pages with contact details and google generated from google MAP.
  • Image gallery with the car park or any other gallery you want.
  • The site once made is controlled exclusively directly by you.
  • We offer advice for the content and structure of the site.
  • At your request we guide you to make the best choice in terms of name and host.

Why an Auto Ad Site.

Because it can be customized exactly to your needs and how to promote your products. For these services there are already smart platforms that can help you increase your sales considerably.

making web site car ads

For creation of car ads web site, we try to make the best offer so that the image of your company is as professional as possible. The price starts at 1200 RON, but it may differ depending on customer requirements. It is important to communicate and understand your wishes.
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