You want an online classifieds website?

It is not easy to manage such a site being a very large sector. You need something new, professional and as modern as possible.

They perform ad sites for any city or even nationally, international. The ad site can be translated into as many languages ​​as you want.

What can an ad site made by us contain:

  • creating a module with information about the portal and about the services it offers, about ad serving options, about payment methods (if appropriate)
  • developing an ad filtering module, depending on the domains and subdomains in which it falls
  • creating a fast and / or advanced search module (filtered)
  • implementing a module with the latest or most popular announcements
  • creating a module to add ads by categories; Ad moderation can be done by administration, or the programming can be done in such a way that only the first ones, let's say, three ads posted by someone to be moderated, and the following to activate automatically; the validity period of an ad is limited - depending on the type of account from which it was added (simple / premium) and selecting the desired term; users will receive email alerts about the ad's expiration date, both at the time of addition, as well as before expiration (e.g, with 3 days / a week before)
  • the addition of a new announcement will be made based on an authentication / login of the applicant; he will have the possibility to create a simple or premium account (the latter offers certain facilities or discounts, established by the site developer and presented in the information modules of the site - Terms and conditions / How to create an account)
  • making a subscription module, with the option to choose only certain categories of ads; the newsletter can be administered, and will contain a link to unsubscribe, being optimized so as not to enter SPAM directories
  • creating a module for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Rss)
  • creating a customizable footer, with useful or recommended links
  • other elements, which will be developed on request, as needed: advertising slider, various widgets, news mode etc.
  • making an XML map of the site, intended to facilitate navigation, which is automatically updated when new categories or sections are inserted in the site
  • implementation of separate pages for various texts, such as: Terms and conditions of use, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, advertisement, FAQ etc.
  • Interior pages for the ad site.
  • Creating web pages interior for each category and subcategory of the main menu and for each announcement; they will be manageable, and will allow the addition of photos and videos; they will have mandatory fields and optional fields, established together with the site developer.

Development on a customizable platform

The portal will be built on a CMS (Content Management System) custom, developed by us. It will benefit from a general administration, from which it will be possible to modify both the general data of the site (contact, useful text etc), as well as the content of the inside pages (ad categories, announcement submission forms and others).


Creating a professional online ad site

The price starts at 2.300 RON and may vary depending on the client's requirements and / or other functionalities desired by the client. Creating an ad website involves a lot of patience, professionalism, advanced IT knowledge and customer transparency. We have all this.