Creation of presentation web site for large companies

You have a large company and you want a presentation website?

It is clear that the internet and online presence make a big difference in the market. The Internet has provided many opportunities for small businesses, medium and large ones also increasing the degree of competitiveness in the market. Through a quality website Customers can reach you much faster. If you own one big company, nationally or even internationally, we can offer you effective solutions to create one professional virtual image using the latest trends in IT. Just like the physical headquarters, the online headquarters is vital to highlight the status and mission of your business.

What we can offer you for creating a presentation web site ?

Definitely weigh several offers. Feel free to read below what a may include web site presentation to live up to your expectations:
  • Design modern, personalized or with a preset theme.
  • Responsive design. A very important element for a design perfectly adapted to mobile platforms.
  • Administration panel from where you can control all the content of the site ( Images, text, product management )
  • Unlimited number of pages.
  • Unlimited number of forms ( Contact form, offer request form, etc.. ).
  • Unlimited number of photo galleries.
  • Unlimited number of video galleries.
  • Unlimited number of email addresses with site name ( ex: ).
  • Create logo. An identity as pleasant and as easy as possible "digest" for visitors.
  • Search engine optimization pages with the help of very important elements.
  • Entering the site in search engines ( google, yahoo, bing ).
  • Display of special offers on all pages of the site.
  • Newsletter application.
  • Translate the site into as many languages ​​as you want.
  • Page the contact "FLYING" displayed on all pages of the site. In this way, the chances increase for the visitor to call the company's management as soon as possible.
  • Possibility to add and manage banners on the site. It addresses the exchange of advertisements with potential partners.
  • XML site content is HTML.
  • Consulting when choosing the domain and the host.
  • Muzic player. If appropriate.
  • Online booking system. For tourism sites.
  • Introduction of dynamic elements and as simple as possible.
  • Create a facebook page or google plus. These are the most important social channels.
  • The link between your site and social networks.
  • Back-up at the end of the project. The final, you can be delivered a file with all the content of the site.
  • We test together every functionality of the site. everything before payment.
The price for making a web site presentation may vary depending on the desired elements, to contribute to the image of your brand. Our advanced PHP solutions, MySQL and other web programming languages ​​will meet in the professional aspect of your company's website. To become a Well-known brand on the internet and to have a site with high authority, you have to weigh all the decision makers. But it is known that internet promotion has become much cheaper than other methods of promotion such as: radio / TV, newspapers / magazines or other media channels. Together with you we will design the project so that the result is a success for both parties. Our position will be to choose what is best for you.

From which areas can we make your website ?

It doesn't matter what your field of activity is, we are able to adapt to anything and accept all challenges. As fields of activity we confirm the fact that we can make bold projects from:
  • Real estate
  • Travel agencies
  • Fashion agencies..
  • Clothing and footwear stores
  • Event organization
  • Online ads
  • Car dealer for spare parts or cars
  • Personal blogs or forums
We collect the money only after the client is satisfied with the provision of our services. For any other information do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to a possible collaboration.
Creation of presentation web site for large companies
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