Creation of professional presentation web-site

What does Web site presentation mean and what does it contain ?

A web site presentation is the easiest way to promote the business. A presentation site, regardless of the size of your company, represents your image on the internet and is a possibility to attract new customers.

Our package for creating a presentation site contains the following services:

  • consulting to buy the domain name
  • consulting when choosing the hosting service
  • Text / image / form management panel.
  • Unlimited number of pages, images, formulation.
  • create logo
  • create banners
  • contact form or any other desired form ( Offer request, etc… )
  • various modules on request (guestbook, yahoo status, etc)
  • unlimited email addresses @domainname
  • SEO optimization (in site)
  • site introduction in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • create Adwords campaigns
  • Google Analytics si Webmaster Tools
  • Translating the site into as many languages ​​as possible ( recommended for large companies ).
  • back-up at the end of the project.
  • XML site property is HTML
  • Preferential technical support
  • Google map map from MAP. This is very important, so that potential customers can find your headquarters immediately.
  • Animations and / or advertising banners on the site pages.
Creation of professional presentation web-site
For us, web site presentation, automatically means optimizing pages and source code.

Why page optimization is important ?

SEO optimization guarantees you a superior positioning in search engines. This is a phenomenon that is emphasized the most, in the online sphere to attract the eyes of customers to your business . Creating a presentation website well optimized, it means a professional image in the online environment.
The price may vary depending on the customer's requirements and / or other functionalities desired by the customer. The important thing is that anything can be done in the shortest possible time. A simple website, presentation, it must not exceed too much, The idea is Professional and Cheap.
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