Professional SEO services

SEO services, what does it mean ?

"SEO" is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optmize, which means in free translation: Search engine optimization. It has become a very important phenomenon in the online sphere, almost indispensable for sites that want a high authority in front of search engines.. Quality SEO means high visibility in google, means high traffic by default higher sales.

What a web site should be like to have a professional SEO:

Onsite optimization. This represents the optimization of the site inside it, namely,

  • page code should not contain errors
  • the page code should be written correctly according to the chosen programming language
  • each page should contain the TAGs "Title, Description, Keywords"
  • Each page should contain words in H1, H2, H3,
  • each page contains images with the ATL tag
  • the structure of the pages should be as friendly and easy to navigate as possible
  • the link of the respective page should be as friendly as possible
OffSite optimization. This represents the connection of the site with the online environment, more exactly:
  • The authority of your site in front of other pages in the same field of activity.
  • Building a network of links to other sites in the same field of activity.

How much does a quality SEO cost ?

The price depends directly on the keywords you choose, their number and competition on a particular keyword. Every company wants to reach the first page with the site that represents them, the competition is more and more fierce in the online sphere and that is why we are of the opinion "PROFESSIONAL" it is much better. You can't offer a price without a conclusive analysis, that's why we advise you to stay away from companies that promise you sea salt in 10-15 days. It's impossible!

How long does an SEO campaign take? ?

The results of a campaign SEO services they are seen only after a few weeks and even months due to competition. Once on the first page in google it is very important to stay up there, another very important thing for a web-site that wants authority in the long run. We can offer you all these services. Sites optimized by us, they paid off and the prices were very convenient. For a company that sells cars for example, the amount of X RON / word is almost imperceptible in relation to the potential profit that that keyword can bring. Servicii SEO Profesionale
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